WARN Notices


Seniority Dates
As far as the seniority dates go on “WARN lists”, those are seniority dates of members receiving warns from the hard copy we receive. Not everyone who receives a WARN necessarily will be laid off. The seniority dates we post are for reference only to get close, but keep in mind, the actual dates warns are issued to will not be solidified until such time as we get an actual “lay off” list from the company. If members who received a WARN were moved, transferred, or offered other positions within the company, the actual seniority date of what they are up to might change. That’s why it should be used for reference only to just get close.

If a member has downgrade rights, they wouldn't receive a WARN which would be an explanation as to why the date may be higher than your seniority date and the numbers of WARNs given. We decided to post this information to give our members some sort of heads up to where reductions are occurring. It should not be taken as an actual and factual list. Again, it is for reference only.

The dates on a “lay off “ list should be a more accurate indication of what seniority date the company has laid off to as there are many things that can happen in the 60 days from the time someone receives a WARN and actual action is taken.

The WARN lists we post do not reflect retentions. The "lay off list" will. Which is another reason to only use the information we post as a reference.

WARN Notices, if any, will be listed here

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