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December 5th - 11:15am

Four additional Q and A's added under Misc.

Q29: What happened to the Holidays (Independence day, Memorial day and Labor day 2012? – NEW
Q30: The Incentive plan language refers to attachment B, where is attachment B?- NEW
Q31: The wellness plan seems to be an invasion of my privacy, how can the Company require us to take this wellness assessment? – NEW
Q32: What happened to Education benefits?- NEW

word .doc here of updated Q&A

December 4th - 9:30 pm

Click here to view, tentative agreement regarding the contract extension, the side letter on work placement (job security), as well as be able to view existing language changes affected by the extension. Language not specifically mentioned in these attachments will remain in place with no change through the Sept. 8, 2016.

We have also attached a chart that highlights the changes in Group Benefits for Puget Sound plans.

Group Benefit for California.

Group Benefits for Oregon.

Group Benefits for Kansas.

Members had asked questions on the side letter about the Company’s intent on building the 737MAX. Boeing Commercial CEO Jim Albaugh did a video on Dec. 2nd to help clarify Boeing’s position, click here to see the video

Taken as a whole, we believe this is a good package that provides a commitment for the 737MAX and the related manufacturing that’s currently being performed here. We recommend acceptance; however, ultimately it is up to you as members to vote whether to accept this contract extension proposal or reject it.

Discuss it with your family, study the proposals and be sure to vote on Wednesday, December 7 from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. at any of the following locations:

Auburn Union Hall – 201 A St. SW

Everett Union Hall – 8729 Airport Road

Renton Union Hall – 233 Burnett N.

Seattle Union Hall – 9135 15th Pl. S.

Frederickson – Pierce County Skills Center, 16117 Canyon Rd. E., Puyallup

December 2nd - 9:30 pm
NEW - Link to video message from Albaugh regarding 737MAX

Be sure to watch for our members.

December 2nd - 3:00pm
NEW - Updated Q and A on the proposal

Ratification to be paid Dec 15th!

word .doc here of updated Q&A

Machinists Land the 737 MAX; Tentative Agreement Reached on Contract Extension

Brothers and Sisters,

In late October, senior executives from Boeing approached us to ask if we could get together to talk about issues that were going to come up in the 2012 contract talks. We agreed to meet with them to hear what they had to say. What resulted was an ongoing dialog and a series of meetings that ended with a proposal by the Company to extend the current contract with some changes in certain areas -- but a huge improvement in job security, which was your No. 1 issue in our first survey for the 2012 contract negotiations. Read More....



For Comments or Feedback via email - send to machinists@iam751.org





The new current quarterly adjustment amount for the period August, September and October is $0.04 effective December 2nd 2011.

Health Care Open Enrollment Month at Boeing: Nov. 9 - Dec. 2

Employees at Boeing represented by IAM 751 will be asked to select their health and dental insurance coverage for 2012 during the annual enrollment period, which runs November 9 through December 2. Any changes employees make during open enrollment will go into effect on January 1, 2012. read more...

Just Scrap the Cap

Social Security benefits are based on your lifetime earnings. read more...

This video talks about doing away with the cap on paying into Social Security. Currently the cap is $106,800/yr. Which means once you pay your share each every payday and the employer pays their share, once you reach $106,800 in salary for the year, nothing more is contributed. You want to solve any Social Security shortfall? Have those who make their limit within their first payday of the year, (those making 2.7 million a year or more) just keep paying into Social Security. There shouldn't be a cap. Why should millionaires reap the rewards of Social Security when they retire if they only had to pay into it with one pay check?


For 2011, the maximum taxable earnings amount for Social Security is $106,800. The Social Security tax (OASDI) rate for wages paid in 2011 is 4.2 percent for employees and 6.2 percent for employers.  For example, an individual with wages equal to or more than $106,800 would contribute $4,485.60 to Social Security in 2011.  The employer would contribute $6,621.60. read more ...

2011 MNPL Dinner Dance

Hundreds of 751 Club members attended the 2011 MNPL Dinner Dance. The Machinists Non Partisan Political League (MNPL) is our Political arm of the union. Every other year members who voluntarily donate $7.51 per month through payroll deduction are invited for a nice evening out. Attendees got to play at a mock casino after dinner for a chance to win additional raffle tickets for numerous prizes donated by our two attorney firms. We haven't had video until now to show you what the event is like. If you would like to become a 751 Club Member so you too can be invited to attend the next one, contact your union steward on how to sign up.

National Anthem by Nick Lutgen

October 2011 Aero Mechanic Newspaper online

Click here to download the October 2011 edition of the Aero Mechanic newspaper (2.3 mb).

Labor Rights, Under Republican Attack - NY Times

By MARK BARENBERG, JAMES BRUDNEY and KARL KLARE Published: October 13, 2011
In the past month, the National Labor Relations Board has come under furious attack from Republicans in Congress, and decades-old workers’ rights are at risk. Read More...

Occupy Seattle - Labor Supports

has the support of labor unions and all American workers. This is the people's cause, and as we all know, the American people have a lot to make them angry right now: A lack of good jobs, too much corporate greed and frustration over the influence that Wall Street has over our system of government, to name a few. One common goal is to send a message to our government and to Wall Street that Main Street has had enough. The occupiers represent a cross section of America. The poor, the student who can’t afford the student loan, the graduate who can’t find a job to pay back the student loan, the middle class who continue earning less and less because corporations continue to ship manufacturing jobs overseas.

This movement will grow and evolve over time and we are encouraging all of our members to participate as American citizens first, union members second. Give what you can to help: your time, your money or just words of support to this cause. http://occupyseattle.org/site-page/needs

In many ways, the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Seattle movements are fighting the same fight that unions have fought for decades: We believe in a free-enterprise system that makes it possible for the majority of working Americans to improve their lives, and not one that allows a small number of super-rich to control and command our economies, our governments and our lives. The goals of the Occupy Wall Street movement are so close to ours, it’s only natural for us in labor to join with them.


Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Seattle

Occupy Oregon

facebook links to:

Occupy BellinghamOccupy OlympiaOccupy SpokaneOccupy TacomaOccupy Tri-CitiesOccupy WenatcheeOccupy Yakima

Move Your Money

2012 Contract Surveys Being Distributed by Union Stewards

The first in a series of Boeing contract surveys will be distributed in coming weeks by union stewards throughout the Puget Sound region. They are the first of many opportunities for union members to have a voice expressing their priorities on the 2012 contract negotiations with Boeing. In addition, union stewards will be asking members to provide their home email addresses, in order to participate in future online surveys leading up to and during negotiations. Members who would like real-time negotiations updates can provide their cell phone number for instant text message updates as well.

Our goal is to provide our members with as instant updates to what's happening in negotiations, along with providing avenues for direct feedback.

All surveys are due back by October 14 to stewards, who have a deadline of October 17 to return their respective surveys.

September 23rd 2011 - Documents show Boeing saw Charleston as riskiest option for 787

Seattle - Newly uncovered Boeing Co. documents show the company’s own executives believed that “Project Gemini” – their plan to establish a second 787 line in South Carolina – was their highest-risk option for their new Dreamliner jet and the one most likely to fail. Read more...


.pdf of Gemini and other documents

Boeing's Cash Cow - Wisconsin Policy study .pdf

Ignoring job crisis, Republicans attack NLRB

from The Stand
WASHINGTON, D.C. (Sept. 16) — House Republicans on Thursday continued their all-out assault on the National Labor Relations Board when, on a 238-186 vote, they passed H.R. 2587, known in labor circles as “The Job Outsourcers’ Bill of Rights.” read more...

Roll Call vote by party here

2011 Kids' Contest

All children in member families have an opportunity to win some great prizes in the Summer 2011 Coloring and Writing Contests! The contests end October 1, 2011 so be sure to get submissions in as soon as possible.

Your child could win one of a variety of great prizes including a pizza parties, Toys ‘R Us gift cards, and Visa gift cards! Winners will also be recognized in the Aero Mechanic, on the District 751 website, and at the Holiday Local Lodge Meetings in December.

Click here for details.

September 2011 Aero Mechanic Newspaper online

Click here to download the September 2011 edition of the Aero Mechanic newspaper (3.8 mb).

Hourly candidates sought for Employees Community Fund trustee positions

Would you like to make a difference in your neighborhood and strengthen the communities where Boeing employees live and work? If so, consider running for the Employees Community Fund (ECF) Puget Sound Board of Trustees. Now through September 14th, Puget Sound area employees who are members of ECF can apply to be board candidates. Candidates will vie for four positions in an election this November, and will join the board in January 2012. As an ECF Trustee you will visit non-profit agencies, review grant requests and decide which programs will be funded by ECF Puget Sound pooled fund dollars.

Visit the ECF web page on the internal Boeing website for more information and to complete the application: http://community.web.boeing.com/nwregion/ecf/ecf_wa.cfm

Great article on why members have struck Boeing

Conflicting Dreams - by Josh Eidelson
The strikes that made Boeing a national flashpoint

4% GWI at Boeing & $0.18 COLA Effective September 2, 2011

Members at Boeing on the active payroll (or on approved leave of absence for 90 days or less) on September 1, will receive a 4 percent General Wage Increase effective September 2, 2011. In addition, each IAM member at Boeing will receive an additional 18 cents cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) on September 2, 2011 - generated for the quarter May, June and July 2011. The new 18¢ COLA will be added to the base wage prior to calculating the 4% GWI.

NOTE: 4% GWI will be paid as a lump sum for Grade A employees at the maximum rate per LOU #23.

new wage card click here

NLRB v. Boeing as explained by Our Lead Counsel at the WSLC Convention


Our version here

Apprenticeship Available at Boeing

The IAM/Boeing Joint Apprenticeship Committee will accept applications for Machine Tool Maintenance Mechanic apprenticeships beginning Wednesday, September 14, 2011. The Committee allows for Boeing and Non-Boeing interested parties to apply.

All interested parties must apply to the Boeing Company at http://www.boeing.com/careers/ from Wednesday, September 14, 2011 through Thursday, October 13, 2011 before they will be eligible to receive an apprenticeship application. Upon receipt, applications must be completed and submitted by Friday, November, 19, 2011.

Click here to read more.

A&P Test Prep Program
This license test preparation training program prepares you to test for an FAA Mechanic’s Certificate with an Airframe, Powerplant or A&P rating. The program is comprised of three Oral and Practical Exam Prep courses (General Knowledge, Airframe, and Powerplant), plus a computer-guided Written Knowledge Test (WKT) Prep course. The Oral and Practical courses take place at Everett Community College’s Aviation School on Paine Field located at 9711 32nd Place West., Bldg C-82. in Everett, WA.






August 2011 Aero Mechanic Newspaper online

Click here to download the August 2011 edition of the Aero Mechanic newspaper (2.9 mb).

July 2011 Aero Mechanic Newspaper online

Click here to download the July 2011 edition of the Aero Mechanic newspaper (2.9 mb).

IAM leader: American order, 737 re-engine plans both good news

SEATTLE -- Tom Wroblewski, the president of Machinists Union District Lodge 751, issued the following statement in the wake of today’s announcement that American Airlines has ordered 200 Boeing 737s, including 100 with new, more-fuel-efficient engines:

“Today’s announcement is good news for everyone: residents of Washington, the Boeing Co. and its workers, and especially, American Airlines and its customers.

“With the re-engined 737 – assuming Boeing’s board approves the plans -- American Airlines will get the best of both worlds. It will get an improved version of the 737 that already was the market leader in its class. And at the same time, it will get a plane that will be built by our industry-leading workers in Renton, who prove to the world every single day that they can be relied on to deliver airplanes on schedule.

“For our Machinists Union members – and for the people of Washington state – the announcement that Boeing will put new engines on the Renton-built 737 gives us a sense that Boeing recognizes the value of its greatest asset, that being its skilled workforce here.

“And for the Boeing Co., the fact that this is one of the largest airplanes orders in company history – 200 firm orders with options for 100 more -- speaks for itself.

“I look forward to working with Boeing management here in Puget Sound as they develop plans to transition production to this newest generation 737, and I look forward to the day we can fly one of those gleaming new American Airlines planes. Together, we’ll do all we can to make the re-engined 737 an airplane worthy of its heritage as the best-selling commercial jet of all time.”


July 19th 2011- Republicans in Congress have drawn up a bill that would overturn a 76-year-old law, by stripping powers away from the National Labor Relations Board so it couldn’t punish companies like Boeing that violate workers’ rights.

It’s like they’re saying, “OK, if we have laws to keep Corporate America from violating the rights of workers, don’t criticize companies for breaking those laws – let’s change ‘em, so companies like Boeing can do whatever they want.”

Unbelievable, isn’t it? And it certainly removes any question as to which party is on the side of working people.

Here’s a link to a copy of the bill:

Washington Advantage in Aerospace

The union aerospace workers in Washington state are the highest skilled workforce in the nation. They love what they do, are great at it and are proud of all their accomplishments. This video will be featured in the Washington State booth at the 2011 Paris Air Show to show the world how Washington has all the advantages for any aerospace company.


Video production by Kathy Cummings WSLC