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  • Union Mitigates Boeing Policy Changes
    Posted On: May 08, 2018

    Summary of Events Regarding Attendance Policy

    Click here for the IAM Synopsis of the Changes.pdf

    In 2017, Boeing presented our Union with substantial changes they planned to implement on their Puget Sound Attendance Guidelines (PSAG), which is not part of our contract.

    In summary: Memorandums of Agreement (MOA’s) clarified existing language in a favorable way for our members after we had filed multiple grievances. We incorporated provisions from the state law on expanded usage of benefits and prevented discrimination for using sick leave. We utilized effects bargaining to modify Boeing policy changes that are outside of the contract to lessen the impact on our members, which also resulted in two improvements to the contract to help our members have more control over their time (vacation, sick leave, etc).

    Recognizing that all our members would be adversely impacted by these changes in policy, we looked for ways to minimize the impact of Boeing’s policy changes and used everything at our disposal to protect our members, including:

    • We used the grievance and arbitration procedure to secure clarifications of existing contract language in regard to Articles 6.10 and 16.10(d) to add or solidify important rights and protections.

    • We used the new Paid Safe and Sick Leave law, I-1433, to address new protections regarding use of sick leave that included additional accrual, ability to use sick leave to cover overtime, and protection from any discriminatory treatment when used.

    • Effects bargaining is a union’s right to bargain the effects of changes in working conditions. Using this tactic, we successfully improved the original policy changes proposed by the Company.

    • We also used effects bargaining to improve the following attendance related areas of the contract:

    1) Reduced required quarterly overtime from 128 hours to 112 hours. The hours in a quarter at which you may be excluded remain the same at 128 hours.

    2) Vacation in lieu of sick leave is now available to everyone regardless of previous attendance discipline and may be used for any reason allowable under the law or our contract.

    Both of these improve IAM member’s ability to have more control over their schedule.

    It is important to note that we did not open the contract up for negotiations. The Boeing Company proposed restrictive changes to their attendance policy that were not part of the contract. Our responsibility is to use every option within our contract and the law to defend our members and protect them against these changes in working conditions. We did that. By demanding to bargain, we opened up more options for our members to protect themselves. We improved the policy changes proposed by the Company, secured clarifications on existing contract language, and made improvements to the contract that would not have been attainable had we not demanded to bargain. The following pages outline those changes and improvements.

    Additional documents can be found inside member only firewall here (must be registered and logged in to view)

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