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  • Revised Times for Toolmaker Course Will Be Offered if There is Enough Interest
    Updated On: Jul 12, 2017

    Many of our members have completed the Toolmaker off-hour training at the Washington Aerospace Training & Research Center. Previously, the WATR Center offered an 8-hour a day course lasting 5 weeks, which made it difficult for our members to attend while working full time. This intense program could make it unsafe for our members taking the class who were fatigued after working full time and taking full time classes.

    We have asked the WATR Center to put together a much safer time frame for our members to attend this class. Instead of having an 8-hour a day course that is 5 weeks long, the WATR Center will offer two four hour courses (one day shift and one second shift) that are ten weeks long if we have the minimum number required.

    In order to offer this class, we need a few more people to sign up for this 4-hour, 10-week class structure. The class would start late August or early September.

    NOTE: There is a 4-week online prerequisite you must complete prior to starting the Toolmaker Course. If you are interested in the Toolmaker Course, you must take the online prerequisite right away prior to starting the Toolmaker Course. Again, the WATR Center won’t schedule the 4-hour, 10-week toolmaker course if there aren’t enough who have taken prerequisite.

    Contact an IAM-Boeing Joint Programs Career Advisor at 1-800-235-3453 right away if you are interested in taking this toolmaker class.

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