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  • 2016 AMPP Payout is 2.6% Paid on Feb. 16
    Updated On: Feb 09, 2017

    Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    We have received the final AMPP payout percentage from Boeing. The AMPP payout moved from 1.3 percent in December to 2.6 percent due to the hard work of our AMPP committee.

    Like you, we believe that your hard work and commitment has more value than this 2.6 percent payout represents. The important work you perform has helped salaried and non-represented payrolls to receive a higher payout.

    Your work every day and your performance in safety, quality and productivity drove a record stock price, near record deliveries and tremendous profits for the Boeing Company. However, we believe the AMPP payout still does not adequately reflect the respect you have earned through your hard work and commitment to make this company successful.

    Some have asked if it would be better for us to withdraw participation in the AMPP program. If we were to withdraw, it would just be 2 percent. While this might be the easy road, we would eliminate the opportunity for the membership to receive a potential payout of up to 6 percent in 2017 and beyond.

    Throughout the year, our AMPP Committee suggested adjustments to address events detrimental to the AMPP payout. These showed some success.

    We feel strongly that it is our duty to continue to work hard to drive discussion with the Company on AMPP metrics that better represent the value you bring. We will continue to strive to get the best AMPP bonus that you deserve by surveying the members, collecting the data and making arguments on your behalf each month throughout the year.

    We are proud of the contribution you make every day and believe you are the main reason Boeing was so profitable in 2016.

    Thanks again for your hard work.

    In Solidarity,

    Jon Holden
    District 751 President

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