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    • As a result of actions taken by our Union, thousands of our members will see an increase in their pay. Due to wage disparity issues caused by Company pay and hiring practices, the Union utilized our right to demand to bargain along with Letter of Understanding #45 to bring up concerns resulting in positive impacts for our members. Click here to read the union bulletin.

      Also read the March AeroMechanic newspaper for more information on improvements on wage disparity, which will be posted online on March 1, 2019.

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      Click here to view September 2019 Aero Mechanic Newspaper Online.

      Download: Sept_Aero_2019.pdf

      IAM members working at Boeing on the active payroll on September 6, 2019 will receive a 14-cent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) based on the months of May, June and July 2019. The new 14-cent COLA (along with the 11 cents COLA generated since the fold in last September) will be permanently added into the base wage.

      COLA is generated quarterly under the IAM-Boeing contract and is based on the federal government’s Consumer Price Index. The value of the quarterly COLA, even when it is only a few pennies, has a significant impact on our maximum rate over time. As of Sept. 2019, $16.52 of the maximum rate is a result of COLA payments being folded into our base rates.

      Boeing announced yesterday (8/20/19) to the media its plan to temporarily increase staffing levels at its facility in Moses Lake to assist and support 737 MAX storage and pre-delivery. The Company also noted their plan calls for all airplanes stored outside Puget Sound to return to Seattle and Everett for delivery.

      The Union met with the Company last Friday to discuss The Company’s plan for ongoing preservation and upcoming pre-delivery work on the 737MAX in Moses Lake. They will be looking at staffing from three specific groups. The Company intends to loan members volunteering from Puget Sound for this domestic travel assignment, temporarily rehire retirees, and utilize short-term direct hires at Moses Lake. There are specific details (housing/meal allowance, completion bonus, etc.) the Company will present to those interested or offered a position at Moses Lake.

      It is important to note that Moses Lake will be considered a remote location similar to Edwards Air Force Base or PDX. All of these workers will be IAM union members in our bargaining unit and covered by our contract with Boeing.

      If someone is interested in volunteering for this assignment; all we can do is advise them to make their manager aware of their interest in volunteering for Moses Lake, since it is a Company selection process.

      This build up is in preparation for when the 737MAX grounding ends, is certified to fly and be delivered. There isn’t a specific date the Company is targeting, as the grounding has not been lifted yet.

      August 2019 Aero Mechanic Newspaper Available Online.

      Download: Aug_2019_Aero.pdf
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