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      Summary of Events Regarding Attendance Policy Click here for the IAM Synopsis of the Changes.pdf In 2017, Boeing presented our Union with substantial changes they planned to implement on their Puget Sound Attendance Guidelines (PSAG), which is not part of our contract. Read More...
      Late last year we reported that District 751 was strongly supporting two shareholder initiatives for the April 30 Boeing Shareholders meeting. We strongly believe the ideas in these two initiatives were worthy of a vote by the shareholders; unfortunately, Boeing challenged both proposals and sought to have them excluded from shareholder approval and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) agreed with Boeing and denied appeals to move the initiatives forward. As a result, the items were not in packets mailed to shareholders to vote on in the Company’s annual proxy statement. The more conservative SEC this year was much stricter in approving any initiatives submitted from shareholders, siding more heavily with the board of directors Read More...
      Download: BA_Increased_Disclosure_Selection_Process.pdf , BA_Request_Certain Site_Selection_Criteria.pdf
      Download: Aero_May_2018.pdf
      https://www.facebook.com/events/214130352653647/  Come out and see the exciting developments happening across King County such as the new Arena at the Seattle Center, the Convention Center addition, affordable housing, the Sound Transit System Expansion, the SeaTac Airport Expansion, and more! This is a FREE family-friendly event. Read More...
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